Peeps jello mold. A bit creepy, but oh, so yummy.

What could be easier than making Jello®? Certainly not Peeps® Jello Mold. Turns out the specific gravity of Peeps is less than the specific gravity of jello and the darn things float. This is a problem when doing a mold o’ jello because the mold is inverted for to serve and that makes for Peeps on the bottom. Even doing a 2-stage Peep Jello mold doesn’t work without cunning. If you do the mold in halvsies, the Peeps — even when they look to be embedded in the first layer — float right up through the second layer when chilling in the fridge. So ingenuity and brute force are required.

You would never guess how useful those pikes are from the Medieval Peeps on a Pike recipe! Aside from the unfortunate Peeps jousting incident, they work well to force the Peeps to the bottom (top) of the mold along with a heavy weight. Skewer, dunk, and apply force. See image 2. One must remove the pikes before pouring in the second layer because removing them later would be ug-ly. My make-them-stay method was clever but doomed to fail because they are ramblin’ Peeps and refuse to stay put even when seemingly stuck in solid jello.

All this was discovered too late in the game (see image 3) and I had to chuck the whole mess. It was going to be so pretty too — I bought a rose mold just for the occasion. Sigh. Now you have to understand how lazy I am and this continued effort to make a recipe work is really against my nature. Only my commitment to you, dear reader, keeps me forging on with my quest for awesome recipes involving Peeps. That and I’m exceptionally bored.

Image 2.  Sometimes you have to get very insistent with Peeps to get them to do what you want them to do.

So whilst pondering a way to get the Peeps to the top of the mold (and don’t assume I didn’t think of using rocks as weights) the thought comes to me, “aha! Peeps float through solid jello so if I fill a mold all the way to the top and chill it, then flip it on top of the Peeps, they will float up and they will finally be where I want them.” But it turns out that the floaty part of Peeps is their butts. You would think it’d be their heads that were full of air what with their weird rituals and endemic crankiness, but no, their heads are denser than the mass of their asses. No matter what you do, they will float butt first, and that’s not really the esthetic we’re after.

The trick to a successful Peeps jello mold is to use a smallish mold and then it appears that the Peeps are at the top of the mold because of the relative sizing, but in reality, they’re at the bottom. See top photo.

Image 3. Not a pretty picture. Peep butts galore. 

The blessing out of all this is that I discovered SwedishPeepballs  which came from my determination that I would win over the Peeps and get them to do my bidding — and stay where I put them in the jello. It’s also puts their thick heads to good use.


Just follow the instructions on the Jello box. Throw in the Peeps and hope for the best.